Monthly Archives: June 2011

Yesterday, I went to the Strip District in Pittsburgh (Or as Pittsburgh-ers say, I went down the Strip) to check out all the specialty grocery stores and find something to make for dinner.

After wandering down Penn Avenue, in hopes of seeing some great veggies or fresh meat that would inspire me to whip up a meal, I ended up at Penn Avenue Fish Company.

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Cooking for myself isn’t something I’m very good at. I always mess up the portion size (especially with pasta I never know how much I end up tilting from the box into the pot) and end up with leftovers that can sometimes get lost in the madness that is our refrigerator.

But a few nights ago, I was home alone with a stocked fridge and decided to cook up a little something while I watched Jeopardy in the kitchen and had a glass of red wine.

After checking out my options, I decided to fry up the lamb chops that needed to be used up and go from there. The pasta I came up with might be my new favorite pasta. I’ve only had lamb in pasta maybe once before, and it was just as good as I remembered. With some Greek seasonings and feta cheese, it ended up being the perfect meal for one.

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Last night, Jeff & I decided to check out Local, a recently opened bar/restaurant in South Side that specializes in using local, fresh ingredients. I was impressed when I saw the place on the corner of 16th and Carson, the front windows slide up and make you feel like you’re sitting outside when you’re at the bar or the pub tables on the first floor. When I walked up to the bar, the bartender was friendly and showed me their extensive beer list. All brews were separated into categories based on location and had a small description describing their taste, making it easy for customers who might not be seasoned beer drinkers, just looking to try something new.

After a drink at the bar, we went upstairs to the rooftop deck to eat. The rooftop is going to be a very popular place this summer–there’s a full bar, TV’s to watch the game on, and a good amount of seating for diners and drinkers alike.

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