Restaurant Review: Local Bar + Kitchen

Last night, Jeff & I decided to check out Local, a recently opened bar/restaurant in South Side that specializes in using local, fresh ingredients. I was impressed when I saw the place on the corner of 16th and Carson, the front windows slide up and make you feel like you’re sitting outside when you’re at the bar or the pub tables on the first floor. When I walked up to the bar, the bartender was friendly and showed me their extensive beer list. All brews were separated into categories based on location and had a small description describing their taste, making it easy for customers who might not be seasoned beer drinkers, just looking to try something new.

After a drink at the bar, we went upstairs to the rooftop deck to eat. The rooftop is going to be a very popular place this summer–there’s a full bar, TV’s to watch the game on, and a good amount of seating for diners and drinkers alike.

Local's rooftop

The huge fan cooling off the deck will be nice on those sticky summer nights.

I was really excited when I saw that Local offered a side of a humongous pickle. Next time I'm there I need to try out the onion rings.

We started with the nachos, and they were just okay. The cheese was only on the top of the chips, and I could have used more fresh tomatoes, onions, and salsa. The queso on the side was too thin and not cheesy enough, we didn’t even realize it was queso at first. Plus, no jalapenos. According to the menu, they are included but our order was missing them.

Local Nachos

Jeff had the Don’t Be a Jerk Chicken sandwich, a jerk-spiced grilled chicken panini with roasted red and banana peppers & spicy saffron jerk aoili. He said it was really spicy but liked it. You have the option of choosing if you’d like your sandwich on a bun, in a wrap, or made into a panini.

Don't Be a Jerk Chicken Panini

The fries were tasty, skin-on & soft but not too soggy, and doused in ketchup they were even better.

Mediterranean White Pizza

Local has an impressive little pizza menu. I was torn between the BBQ chicken or the Mediterranean White, but ultimately chose the white because it had feta on it and I have never had feta cheese on pizza before. Turns out, the feta added the perfect little salty bite to the pizza with the fresh tomatoes and crunchy crust.

Chunky feta & sweet tomatoes

The pizza was delicious, and it could easily feed two people for the low price of eight bucks a pie.

I’ll definitely be heading back to Local for drinks, pizza, and beers on the rooftop this summer.

Local Bar and Kitchen on Urbanspoon

  1. azdon said:

    Sounds like a great hangout – and the pizza looks custom-made for me!

    Can I ask a dumb question? What city is it in? I’m guessing it’s far away from me here in Tucson…

  2. It’s in Pittsburgh, I live and am from here!

  3. azdon said:

    Indeed, that’s a long ways from me!
    I’ve been to Pittsburgh; I changed planes there once – I used to travel a lot in my job – I once had a meeting in Philadelphia, and another the next day in New York. So I caught a plane to Pittsburgh, waited around in the airport, changed planes, and flew to Kennedy in NYC. I’m so geographically challenged, it wasn’t till I got back home that I was told that I could’ve rented a car in Philly, and driven to NYC in no time flat. Oh well…

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