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The honey and cumin combo really boosts the flavor in this salad, and it got even better with time as it sat in the fridge. Serve it as a side dish, on top of tacos, or for lunch.

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I was looking for a meal that wouldn’t be too time consuming and didn’t require me standing at the stove all night when I came across this recipe. The shredded beef was simple, all you really have to do is throw it in the oven and serve with the appropriate toppings and tortillas. You could even make this in the crock pot, just sear the meat first then throw everything in the pot on high for 6 hours or until it’s falling apart.

In addition to the tacos, I made corn salsa and queso which could be served as sides or on the taco. The recipe for the queso is below, but I’ll do a separate post for the corn salsa.

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The newest Pittsburgh hot spot that everyone is talking about has to be Meat & Potatoes. Before I actually visited the restaurant, I watched the place climb through the ranks on Urbanspoon’s top 10 list quite quickly and decided it was time to try the place for myself. Luckily, I have an in-the-know cousin who phoned up my grandparents and cousins to round us all up for a weeknight dinner last week.

Meat & Potatoes is located right on Penn Avenue in the Cultural District, making it a perfect place to visit for a drink and a bite before a show at the Benedum or Heinz Hall. A self-proclaimed gastropub, the restaurant is a smart but casual place with a high-quality menu and comfortable and cool atmosphere. M&P has that downtown, date-night feel to it with its high open ceilings, whimsical chalkboard walls full of information about the menu, and floor to ceiling windows.

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This is the pasta I cook that my Dad is always telling me to make more of, he says the only problem with it is when I make it–I don’t make enough. So this time, I made a huge serving that would last my family a day or two and believe it or not, it gets even better with a little fridge time.

It’s super easy and the ingredients are usually stuff you have on hand. If you don’t have chorizo, bacon will work well, too.

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As the summer comes to a close, I’ve been snatching up all the sweet corn I can get my hands on. Since corn is at its best in the summer, prices are low and the quality is great. A perfect combo if you ask me.

I picked up six ears of corn for my family the other night and I’d usually just boil them and serve them on the cob, but I wanted to try something new. I was inspired by the post I wrote over at BlogLocal and my sister’s love of cream corn to try this dish and it turned out really good. As in as soon as it was ready, my family grabbed spoons and we starting digging straight in.

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There’s an arrangement currently happening in my house that I dig. I cook. My mom cleans. A win-win.

You see, I like to get down and dirty in the kitchen…literally. I usually end up using about six different dish towels, a few different pans, maybe a couple cutting boards, and about 12 spoons so I can taste everything along the way. So, things can get a little messy.

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