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I had been wanting to check out Nicky’s Thai Kitchen in the North Side for a while, but it was just never that convenient to trek over there and grab a table. And until last week, I had no idea that they had a second location in Verona—making it the perfect meeting spot to grab dinner before a movie at the Mills. Plus it’s BYOB and they have no cork fee on weekdays! It’s the little things that make me and my $12 bottle of Mark West Pinot Noir happy.

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Still not sure what to make this year for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day appetizers? Look no further! These recipes are all family-tested and approved. I promise they will be gone before you even get to try one yourself.

French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms

Roast Beef Sliders

Spinach Dip Cups

Brie Bites

Sourdough Bruschetta

Ham and Cheese Sliders

Happy Holidays to all my readers!

And thank you SO much for reading and coming back to Cooking For My Dad. Since I began this little blog on May 31, I’ve had over 6,000 page views and couldn’t be happier with the response, feedback, and comments from all who have taken the time to visit. I have truly enjoyed sharing my recipes and stories with all of you. Have a safe and jolly Christmas everyone!

I visited Piccolo Forno for the first time a few weeks ago to celebrate my friend’s 24th birthday. I had heard rave reviews about the cozy Italian restaurant in Lawrenceville for months and realized it would be the perfect place to have a girls night birthday celebration. Italian food? Everyone likes it. BYOB? Perfect for our group, because we love wine and it’s a lot easier on the wallet. And Piccolo Forno accepts reservations for parties of five or more, so the arrangements worked out perfectly for our party of eight.

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Ever since I tried and made these sweet and savory roast beef sliders, I’ve been on the hunt for another slider recipe to add to my blog. Because, sliders are cute, small, and “okay” to eat a couple of without feeling guilty. (That’s what I tell myself anyways.) Plus, my Dad tends to like mini things, like sliders, bagel bites and small bottles of Gatorade.

So after hours of wasting my life away on Pinterest, I finally found the perfect recipe to try out for Steeler Sunday. I knew in my heart and my belly that the recipe with ham, Swiss cheese, butter, and onions could not be a bad combination and would be worthy of a blog post. Sure enough, I was right. Like always. Right, Dad? 😉

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I came across the Jacques Torres recipe for his famous chocolate chip cookies on the fantastically named blog, Crepes of Wrath. Reading through the recipe I was intrigued by the use of dark chocolate, sea salt, and two types of flours—these were some fancy chocolate chip cookies, no break and bakes allowed.

As a lover of break and bakes, Chips Ahoy, and basically any chocolate chip cookie set in front of me—I knew this decadent recipe would be the end-all-be-all of chocolate chip cookies. I mean if Jacques Torres, known to many as Mr. Chocolate, thinks they’re the best ones he’s had…then who am I to argue?

The end result? So good…almost too good…dangerously good (as in you could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

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Smoke BBQ Taqueria in Homestead is a fairly new addition to the Pittsburgh food scene, but definitely not one to go unnoticed. I had read my fellow Pittsburgh food blogger friends raving posts about the small, unassuming restaurant in Homestead and decided I needed to get there ASAP.

Lucky for me, I heart PGH had been wanting to try out Smoke as well, so we decided instead of eating a bagged lunch at the office, we would head down to Homestead and get some tasty tacos. The exterior and interior of Smoke could use a bit of a makeover, particularly seating-wise. I am not sure how long you would have to wait for a table here on Friday night but I’m guessing if it’s crowded, it could take a while, unless you wanted to share or sit at the small bar.

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