Chevy Sonic Sweets Tour

A few weeks ago, I was invited to join some other Pittsburgh bloggers on a sweets tour sponsored by Chevy. The plan behind the tour was to stop at three Pittsburgh bakeries and test drive some of the newest Chevy cars between destinations.

We started off the tour at my favorite bakery in Pittsburgh, Sugar Café. Seriously, I love this place. When we got there, the chef and owner, Kelly James, made the effort to come and speak to us and her passion for baking and her own shop was apparent.

We were served a tasting plate of three desserts at Sugar, a pound cake, cupcake, and macaroon. The lemon pound cake with icing and blueberry was divine, it was moist and not overly sweet, which some pound cakes can be. Next up was the Irish car bomb cupcake, which was good, but honestly, I’m not much of a cupcake person. I find myself only really enjoying cupcakes when they have cream cheese frosting.

The last thing I tasted was the vanilla bean macaroon with raspberry jam. And in all seriousness—I have been dreaming about it since I tasted it. I’ve tweeted Sugar Café asking when they’ll have them again and have even scoured the Internet for how-to’s on making vanilla macaroons at home—that’s how badly I want another vanilla bean macaroon. The macaroon was crispy and chewy with a lovely vanilla taste and the raspberry jam accented it perfectly. Seriously, I am going to order a few dozen for the holidays…I can’t wait any longer.

After Sugar Café, we hopped in our Chevy and ventured down to Lawrenceville to make a stop at Dozen Bake Shop. Dozen closed for a hot minute earlier this year, and I actually tried recreating their cupcakes but it’s open again under a new owner. We were welcomed at Dozen by the new owner and a spread of all their best sweets.

The spread included pumpkin gobs, cupcake pops, mini cupcakes, and homemade cinnamon pop tarts. The cupcake pops were adorable and would be perfect for a kid’s birthday party but the standout from Dozen were the pumpkin gobs. The soft pumpkin cookie had a nice texture and the cream cheese frosting was delicious. I think Dozen has a rotating menu of different flavored gobs, so I’ll be back to see if the others are as good as the pumpkin.

Our last stop was Gluuteny in Squirrel Hill, a gluten-free and casein-free bakery. Now I am firm believer that butter is better, but I was happily surprised by Gluuteny’s desserts. We tried a pumpkin cupcake and a brownie, and while the cupcake was not something I’d go back for, I would 100% go back to Gluuteny for the brownie. It was so chewy and chocolate-y, you would never think you were eating something that wasn’t made with loads of butter and sugar.

Overall, the sweets tour was fun, I got to meet some new bloggers and get a free sugar rush. Thanks to Sugar Café, Dozen Bakery, Gluuteny, and Chevy for having me.

Sugar Cafe on Urbanspoon

Dozen Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

Gluuteny on Urbanspoon


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