Restaurant Review: Piccolo Forno

I visited Piccolo Forno for the first time a few weeks ago to celebrate my friend’s 24th birthday. I had heard rave reviews about the cozy Italian restaurant in Lawrenceville for months and realized it would be the perfect place to have a girls night birthday celebration. Italian food? Everyone likes it. BYOB? Perfect for our group, because we love wine and it’s a lot easier on the wallet. And Piccolo Forno accepts reservations for parties of five or more, so the arrangements worked out perfectly for our party of eight.

As soon as we sat down the waitress noticed the abundance of wine bottles on our table and immediately opened them, which definitely got the night off on the right foot. We weren’t in a rush to order and the waitress didn’t bug us to get our order in—something I strongly dislike about some restaurants in Pittsburgh. Let me enjoy my wine and some good conversation before I even have to look at the menu, please.

When we were ready to order, we started with two appetizers: the roasted red pepper parmigiana and the cheese and meat plate. The cheese and meats are all bought locally and were tasty, but I was so distracted by my love of the red pepper appetizer that I didn’t go for seconds.

The roasted red pepper parmigiana was thin layers of roasted red pepper with a cheese and herb filling with a pesto on top. I wrote to Piccolo Forno hoping they would give me the recipe but haven’t heard back. If anyone knows how to make this amazing app please leave a comment below! On the menu, it’s called a Sformato. It was hands down one of my favorite appetizers I’ve had in the last year.

For the main course, I had the Prosciutto a Rucola, which is a pizza with crushed tomatoes, prosciutto, arugula, and fresh mozzarella. The crust was crispy and had that great taste from the wood-fired oven, the cheese was melted and fresh, and the arugula added a peppery bite to the pie that made it stand out in a league of it’s own compared to my usual neighborhood pizza place.

Food pictures of things that were not my entree:

White pizza with tomatoes.

Baked rigatoni with fried eggplant, onions, bechamel, and gruyere. I tried was so rich & cheesy, but oh so good.

Rolled crepes filled with spinach, carrots, and red peppers served on a pesto cream sauce.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal that night and with a larger group the BYOB policy was perfect. The wine and gossip were flowing and sometimes there’s nothing better than a night out with your girlfriends.
Piccolo Forno on Urbanspoon

PS. Thanks to my folks for stopping in and picking up our check! You guys are the best.

  1. Caraline said:

    Such a fun and delicious night! Get the eggplant pasta pictured above! It was fabulous!

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