Caprese Grilled Cheese

In college, two of my roommates were hospitality majors who had the majority of their classes in West campus. Which happened to be far from everything and pretty inconvenient if we wanted to meet up for a quick lunch between classes. Really, the only thing that made me want to ever go meet them (besides their amazing personalities 😉 ) was the tomato, basil, and mozzarella pannins they served at the cafe there. Served on thick bread and smeared with a whole lot of butter, they hit the spot after a long day of class or served as the perfect hangover cure.

I made this caprese grilled cheese for a quick dinner last week with some store-bought pesto, provolone, and tomatoes. Even though it wasn’t the classic basil, mozz, and tomato combo–it really hit the spot and made me want to experiment with more fancy grilled cheeses. If you make your own fancy grilled cheese or have ideas, leave a note for me in the comments.

Caprese Grilled Cheese

  • Bread
  • Basil pesto
  • Provolone Cheese (Or Mozzarella)
  • Sliced tomato
  • Butter

1. Spread the pesto on both slices of bread, followed by the tomato, and slices of cheese. Spread butter on the outside of the bread before you put into the pan.

2. Grill for 3 minutes on each side over medium heat until golden brown and crunchy.

  1. TT said:

    Enjoy reading your blog! Sourdough + pepper jack cheese + tomato + chipotle mayonnaise = yum

    • That grilled cheese sounds amazing! I love pepper jack cheese.

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