Restaurant Review: Bite Bistro

Bite Bistro is a quaint neighborhood BYOB restaurant located in the heart of Bellevue on Lincoln Avenue. The spot has live music every Friday and a creative and changing menu that will be appealing to both foodies and locals. For example, if you’re going the more traditional route you can get the hot wings with house made hot sauce or try something different and order the pork fat frites. We decided to go all out and order both.

The wings were tasty with a spicy sauce that definitely had a hint of soy and served with chunky blue cheese dressing. The dressing lent the perfect creamy coolness to the spicy, saucy wings and we gobbled them right up. I would definitely order them again. As for the pork fat frites, they were good but I wasn’t blown away. I always think of frites as super crunchy and crispy and these were too thin to get the crunch I was looking for. Plus the serving size was out of this world, the frites came out on a huge plate and could have easily fed four.

I ordered the roast chicken for my entrée, which is something I usually tend to shy away from at restaurants. I can make roast chicken at my house, so why go out and order it? But this roast chicken served with root vegetables and a chestnut puree couldn’t be passed up. It came to the table atop a bed of root vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes, that were heavenly I tell you. The chicken was cooked great and the sweetness from the chestnut puree gave a little something extra to the dish. I cleaned my plate.

As for dessert, we ordered the smores that were deconstructed and served with charred marshmallows and chocolate bites. Burnt and gooey marshmallows bring me right back to my childhood so I enjoyed these, but I wasn’t crazy about this dessert as a whole. Maybe if ice cream was included…

As a whole, I really enjoyed my experience at Bite Bistro. The place is BYOB and has a reasonably priced menu with tasty food. The atmosphere with the chalkboard menu, live music, and dim lighting felt fun and romantic, I would recommend Bite and I’ll be heading back.

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    • Thanks! I’ve never had foie gras–I need to try it!

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