Restaurant Review: Casa Rasta

The authentic and family-owned Casa Rasta taco shop in Beechview is the newest addition to the growing grab-it-and-go taco scene in Pittsburgh. With only a few tables and run by a husband and wife team, Casa Rasta boasts some delicious tacos that are served quick and fresh.

We decided to try the carnitas, the Jamaican jerk chicken, and the vegetarian Mexican sausage tacos. All the tacos are served on corn tortillas and you’re given a trio of jalapenos, salsa verde, and red salsa to top your tacos with as well.

The carnitas taco was juicy and the pork was cooked perfectly. A truly great taco, I could have eaten quite a few of these. The chicken was fantastic as well, with diced pineapple and onion. I didn’t try the soyrizo taco, but I heart PGH enjoyed it.

We also split the pulled pork torta, which was basically a sandwich on really soft bread with sliced avocado and red onion. I topped it with salsa verde and it was out of sight. Really everything we tried at Casa Rasta was awesome and we left with our bellies full. It’s a great spot to go for lunch, and the people are friendly and the prices are low enough that you can taste a variety of things on the menu.

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  1. Donna said:

    During a stay in Florida, I went to the flea market at least once a week just for Mexican food like this. Can’t wait to try Casa Rasta as well as another restaurant reviwed here. Salt of the Earth. Marking this blog as a favorite. Many thanks!

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