When I made this casserole today, I felt like a 50’s housewife. Like the kinda gal who spends all day chopping vegetables while wearing three inch heels, a floral apron, and a face full of perfectly done make-up. There’s just something about casseroles that remind me of Mrs. Arnold from the “Wonder Years” and June Cleaver. That no-nonsense idea of spending all day in the kitchen with every curl perfectly in place.

But back to 2012 where in reality, I was in my kitchen wearing a T-shirt and flip flops with my hair on top of my head. I decided to try my own take on a chicken, rice, and vegetable casserole figuring as long as I got a can of creamed soup in there, It’d qualify as a casserole. I basically used whatever we had in the fridge, and it turned out just as I thought it would, warm, comforting, and tasty.

I didn’t use exact measurements in this recipe, so it’s more of a guide rather than something you need to follow perfectly.

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I have had Giada’s Roman-style chicken recipe bookmarked on my computer for months now. It is her most reviewed recipe on the Food Network site and with over 800 reviews that mostly say how delicious, healthy, and easy it is– I finally gave in and made this dish.

I added mushrooms and omitted the capers, so this Roman chicken ended up being a lot like Chicken Cacciatore—which is fine by me since it’s one of my all-time favorites. My Mom used to make Chicken Cacciatore in the crock-pot when I was younger, so this dish paired with rice is one that brings me right back to eating dinner in my plaid uniform at our old house on Vermeer Drive.

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